Time to work! More Movies

2009-08-07 00:33:31 by BlackerOuT

After 1 year, i think that i am back on some small projects!

Where your uncle Blacker got al this time? Working + University + Stickman's Project!

Well, lets go in parts:

1- I finally got a job, that now make me more independent, but destroyed my time =/

2 - University... Well, 1 year and its done, finally i will be able to do stuffs that i never thought that i could =}

3 - http://www.stickman.com.br - After a long time without working on a website, finally i got some family there! Nice people, and we are working hard to make something good for Brazilian's animators, If you know anything on portuguese, you should check this website! That doenst mean that i will leave NG! Stickman give me back some power to come back and do some movies again!

Now, i am working on small projects... Easy ones that doesnt take me too much time, but i promisse send back to the portal my insane flash way of life! Soon, a collaborative project will be posted! Hope you like my "fast" work ;)

Some work to show... Maybe later! But i will post one of the new "characters" for future movies ;)

See ya!

Time to work! More Movies

Internet, the gold ages

2007-08-06 00:28:41 by BlackerOuT

I just got an idea, try to find some old stuffs that i did at the internet!

For my surprise, i just found one website that i did at 1999
8years ago, i submitted a sound file at Geocities,and is still there. WOW!

Was nice hear some familiars voices that i have no idea of where those peoples are!


One of the most terrible things about making a flash movie is "where the hell i can get an idea?"
Sometimes i make movies about facts, about games, about something thats on news, but why i cant have something nice and funny in my mind???
Maybe i am getting old...
Maybe the funny is dead...